Quedé profundamente impresionada por la voz y la historia de esta chica!
 Se llama Gabriella Edwina  

Tantroktam Devī Sūktam | Divine Feminine | Shakti | Tantra Meditation | Sanskrit

The Divine Feminine part of śrī durgāsaptaśatī sacitra

The Goddess in Everything

She is everywhere

She is in you

Look right now

You will see her

She sits in your heart

She is in everything you see

And everything you experience

She is the experiencer and the experienced

And that which is in between

Composed by Gaiea

«I am not afraid. 

I was born to do this 

Whenever I am connected to a mantra, 

I share it 

Whenever a song comes to me, 

I sing it 

Whatever I learn and experience, 

I pass it on 

May the music enfold you in the most comforting hug 

and leave you feeling loved

 and full of love Bhavatu Sarva Manglam 

May All be Happy…»

Que ser más luminoso!

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